Europa League Passing Highlights: The Golden Age of Passing

Passing is one of the key ingredients in football, notably in the modern era where individual skills sometimes isn’t enough to break down mean defense. In top European competition, getting to know the passing statistic is always a fun way in expending ones footballing knowledge especially for football enthusiast who enjoy exquisite passing display that led into goals.

Western Union provide an interesting passing stats during Matchday 3 of the Europa League, reviewing the golden age of passing. Compiling data from youngest players to the oldest one in terms of their passing percentage, we can see that currently the junior have the least of pass numbers.

Meanwhile, the oldest most accurate passer goes to 39-year-old Inter Milan skipper, Javier Zanetti, with 13/13 stats. Another accurate passer from the list is Tottenham Hotspur’s Iago Falque, who notched up 27/27 passes. Overall, the average best age for passer are players in the age of 26, with 81% accurate passes.