Enrique Enjoying Barcelona Busy Schedule

Tight schedules are often complained by coaches of top football clubs, but apparently that’s not the case for Barcelona’s boss, Luis Enrique.

Speaking to the media in a recent news conference, Enrique stated that his actually enjoying Barca’s busy schedules since it means that they are doing well in every competition.

Although admitting that the matches are at times too packed and troubling for him in arranging the playing minutes for his players, but it’s something Enrique expect by being a coach at Barcelona.

Being given the responsibility to handle a top side such as El Barca along with many top players on it, having tight and packed schedules are just part of its’ package.

Moreover, Enrique is currently enjoying his job as Barca are still cruising their way in all competition thanks to an excellent display from their top three forwards, Neymar, Messi and Luis Suarez.

The tactician believes that those three stars continue to improve up till now and giving every Barcelona’s opponents such a hard time.