Dunga Returns as Brazil Coach to Offer Hard Working Team

Like many media have been predicting, Dunga finally being re-appointed as Brazil head coach in place of Luiz Felipe Scolari and on his press conference, the 50-year-old isn’t keen on promising anything beside hard work.

Dunga said to the media that he won’t be selling any false dreams to fans as at the moment Brazil must acknowledge their situation and work hard in regaining their status as one of the best footballing teams.

The tactician revealed that Selecao must understand that they can’t consider themselves as the best anymore, that’s why they must put on a strong effort in competing with the best teams.

Furthermore, Dunga also stated that although Brazil will always have the utmost respect from every teams, but they must prove their worth and not expecting to win every games they’re playing easily.

Dunga’s return into the national side will surely make things interesting, especially since during his first spell, the former defensive midfielder was often criticize for his more defensive minded approach in the game.