Driving your car to Euro 2016 France?

Euro 2016 is set to kick off on June 10, so those living in Europe and keen on watching it live should get their preparation set already.

There’s several methods that can be used to reach France, but especially for European based fans who have their own car, driving can be considered as one of those methods.

Before driving your way to France, there’s some interesting information that is being shared from Car Keys, notably to guide fans so they won’t have too much problems going there.

Basic guidance that football lovers should now if they choose to drive their way to watch Euro revolves around some ground rules such as ownership of passport, driving license, Proof of ownership, insurance documentation and M.O.T.

Aside from that, one should also acknowledge that the legal driving age in France is set at 18, so those who are below that shouldn’t even try.

The site also share an important tips regarding speed limit regulation that should be followed by drivers, especially those who will be passing different part of that country.

Moreover, fans should definitely pay attention on the schedule for their favorite team, so they won’t spent unnecessary time looking up for venues and time once they arrived in France.

As an example, England supporters should already know when will Roy Hodgson’s men play along with the venues for all of their group matches.

Similar rules certainly applicable for supporters of other nations, notably Great Britain representatives, which are being exclusively covered by Car Keys.

Another important advice that should also be noted is learning a bit about road vocab in France as fans might need it during their road trip.

In all, driving your way to watch Euro 2016 is certainly an exciting option that can be picked, but before starting it out, it’s wise to learn all of those basic stuff that can make your road trip fun, enjoyable and safe.

Source: Car Keys

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