David Beckham’s Unforgettable Moments in Football

Despite already retiring from professional football, David Beckham, remain as one of the most popular name in the sport, as a way to recognize his memorable moments, Fubo TV brought several top unforgettable things from Beckham.

There were several interesting moments, indeed which was being captured, from his 100th caps for England national side, transfer to Major League Soccer, which marked the invasion of top European stars into that  continent.

Interestingly, the moment that was considered as top one was his special goal against Greece in the World Cup 2002 qualifier, Beckham scored his trade-mark free kick which further established himself as one of England’s top stars.

Many people might have different memories about Beckham, but the current top 10 are considered as the moments that most will remember him about  as those were important time during his career.