David Beckham Ready to Build a New Stadium in Miami

Already retiring from playing football doesn’t seem to stop former England national team captain, David Beckham, from making his contribution to the sport that has turned him into such popular figure  as his currently busy preparing to build his football stadium in Miami.

Having the option to purchase a MLS football club franchise, Beckham already exercised his option in taking a side which will be based in Miami and off course to further support that plan, he immediately set construction plan for a new stadium.

Speaking more about that stadium setup, Beckham revealed that so far things are going well and his ideas has been received positive response from the local people, which provides more confidence on the ex-Manchester United star.

Although admitting that there could be criticism, challenges and any other obstacles that comes along the way, Bekcham is ready to face all of those possible challenges as he believes that his project will work out well.

It would be interesting indeed to check out on how this new adventure for Bekcham will work out as it’s definitely something new for him, despite having years of experience of playing with many top teams.