Croatia Slams Juventus for Pjaca’s Injury

Croatia national team won’t be able to use their starlet, Marko Pjaca as the Juventus player is currently injured and looks to be needing more time on the sideline.

That situation apparently still trigger rage from the Balkan side’s medical team who were furious with Juve’s doctors which made a wrong assessment over Pjaca’s condition a month ago.

At that time, also during international break, Pjaca was sent back to Turin by his national team after he was diagnosed for fibular infraction.

However, La Vecchia Signora’s medical team denied that condition, stating that they didn’t find any signs or evidence of fracture on their summer signing.

Apparently, it looks like the Croatian medical team were the one that got things right as from that moment up till now, Pjaca is still unable to play because of that injury.

Moreover, according to the Vatreni’s doctors, Pjaca actually arrived to the national team training camp injured, so it’s not something inflicted during international break.

This incident might not be getting any bigger since Juventus seemingly doesn’t keen on making further response over Croatia’s rage.

Nevertheless, this case somewhat turned the tide since normally clubs are the one that got troubled due to their star players getting injury during their participation for national team.