Croatia FA Expecting Punishment After Swastika Incident

Croatia national team can’t seem to catch a break because of their hooligans acts as after receiving closed door game punishment, they are expecting another one from UEFA after recent incident during their match against Italy on Friday.

It seems that some fans put on a swastika symbol on the pitch and was found out during a break of Croatia clash against Italy. That incident left Croatia FA president, Davor Suker speechless as he is expecting another punishment from UEFA.

Suker apologized for that incident, but was highly critical over the action made by their hooligans while hoping that Croatia national team can be saved from those kind of negative support.

The Balkan side previously also received a sanction from UEFA after their fans create havoc in Italy during their first meeting with Antonio Conte’s men.

It’s an interesting scenes indeed seeing how Croatia got themselves into trouble in their showdown against Azzurri in both home and away games.