Conte Wants Chelsea to Fight for League Title

Former Italy national team head coach, Antonio Conte cherished his new experience with Premier League side Chelsea and is keen on taking them to immediately challenge for title.

Although his new side finished in lowly 10th seat last season, Conte doesn’t love any beliefs as he is determined to make his team fighting until the very end.

Nevertheless, the tactician admitted that winning the Premier League won’t be an easy since there will be at least six teams competing for it, he is still very excited to accept that challenge.

However, before taking his side to challenge for the title, Conte stated that he must first be able to transfer all of his passion and determination towards his players.

Moreover, the former Juventus boss also noted that he is not afraid of pressure as it’s something he was born with, that’s why he’ll be aiming for nothing else aside from the title in his first season.