City’s De Bruyne Not Concern With Contract Extension, Talks Sanchez

Manchester City star midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne continue to showcase his quality at the club, becoming one of their main success key so far this season.

Normally, when a star player is putting on great performances there’s always new contract talks going and although admitting the negotiation, De Bruyne claimed that he isn’t losing any sleep because of it.

The midfielder stated that there’s been negotiation going on quietly regarding potential new deal, which mostly about him getting that pay rise.

However, there’s still no official confirmation that he can share, since his agent is also still on holiday at the time being.

Moreover, the Belgium international added that there’s no reason for him to concern about his contract at Man City, since his current agreement won’t end until the next three and a half years.

The former Chelsea man also said that he likes how things are going anyway as there’s no need to go about every new contract negotiation publicly and it’s just better for things to be handled quietly.

Aside from sharing thoughts about his contract renewal process, De Bruyne also talked about the potential arrival of Alexis Sanchez.

The Belgium international believes that Sanchez can certainly add something special for City should he arrives.

However, should that transfer didn’t happen this January, De Bruyne isn’t worried about his team as he believes that his current squad are strong enough to fulfill their ambition this season.