Chelsea director wants Club World glory

David Barnard, Chelsea Director:
“It’s a competition that we are very looking forward to. It is a unique competition in a sense for English clubs because, as you know, we’ve got to win the Champions League first, which is not easy, to actually get to the actual World Club championship. It is very far and few between (appearances from English sides), you know it is a rare occasion.

Although English clubs have been there before – in Liverpool and Man United – and Man United, as we know, won it. So, at the moment they are the only English club who can say they’ve won World Club championship.

So, there is a little bit of one-upmanship which we wish to put right as well on the domestic scene and as I say, at the moment everyone is really looking forward to coming.”

Edu Gaspar, Corinthians Sporting Director:
“We know it will be very hard to win that competition because we have very good clubs in that competition, so Chelsea will be strongest one, maybe and…. but we have a lot of respect (for) all the clubs. We try to do our best to take the trophy, because for us it would be an amazing, amazing time.”

Tsuneyasu Miyamoto, former Japanese international:
“Well, it’s a great opportunity for Japanese football fans to watch real top-level football, so…. I think in terms of education for young football players it is going to be a great opportunity, because they can see top-level football in Japan and live.”