Chelsea Boss, Conte, Not Planning to Stay Abroad Too Long

The sayings, home is where the heart is seems to be the best way of describing Antonio Conte’s feeling as he is preparing for his team’s upcoming Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid.

Speaking in a recent interview, Conte admitted that he indeed misses Italy and Italian football in particular and hinting at future return, stating he never had any plan of staying abroad for too long.

Nevertheless, the former Azzurri tactician doesn’t reveal on when his planning to make his return as he is currently still focus in leading Chelsea.

However, Conte acknowledge that it’s also difficult for him to predict the future as things can change very quick for manager this days as one moment their future are certain, but soon afterwards the opposite can suddenly happens.

Moreover, the former Juventus boss do admit that managing in England is a precious experience for him as it drives him away from his comfort zone and working hard in adapting to the language, culture and other stuff.

Again, despite of his plan of returning to Italy in the future, for now the Italian tactician’s mind is only set for Chelsea as he also expects his team to face tough task as they battle Atletico in the Champions League.