Buffon Still Keen On Playing Another Season With Juventus

Legendary shot stopper, Gianluigi Buffon will be reaching 40 on Sunday and seemingly already eyeing for retirement, but apparently he hints at potentially playing at least another season.

Speaking to the media in a recent interview, Buffon stated that with is contract running out next summer, he plans for some talks with Juventus’ boards and if a new deal is being offered the veteran wouldn’t say no.

However, he acknowledge that his age eventually might be a hindrance for his team, that’s why the former Parma player will only go on if Juve believes that he won’t be considered as a problem for the Turin based outfit.

Moreover, Buffon also stated that he doesn’t mind if he will eventually ends up rotating more with Juve’s current number two, Wojciech Szczesny, especially if it’s for the best.

Indicating his strong desire to still continue on at the age of 40, there’s a suggestion of him moving elsewhere should the Bianconeri doesn’t offer him a new deal this summer.

However, Buffon immediately ended that idea stating that he will only play for Juve in the lime light of his goal keeping career, confirming that there’s no interest whatsoever from him to play with another team anymore.

Certainly an interesting story to see next summer, on whether the highly celebrated keeper will still continue playing at top level with Juve or call it a day at the age of 40.