Boost Revealing Significant Gender Pay Gap in Football and Other Sports

Professional sports, including football have long been providing competition not only for men but also women and apart from the difference of popularity, another major gap that can be seen is in terms of earnings.

According to recent findings from energy provider Boost, apparently there’s a pretty huge difference between the best paid female football star, Alex Morgan, with men super star player, Lionel Messi.

Morgan earns 431.48 pounds per minute, while the Barcelona star himself received payment of 15,048.42 pounds per minute, which is like 35 times more compared to the US female international player.

Other examples that can be used is Brazilian star, Neymar, who received nothing less than 22,364.69, way higher compared to other top female players such as Marta ( 225.35 pounds) along with Amandine Henry ( 213.11 pounds).

Meanwhile, in terms of average salary comparison, players in English Premier League reportedly earn 722.66 pounds per minute, while the female players in Women’s Super League only receive 2.1 % of this ( 16.72 pounds)

Those huge difference is certainly an interesting information that can attract attention of football fans all around the globe, though it’s not something that fans of the sport doesn’t know already.

The men top leagues in Europe have been established since a very long time with massive increase of financial sponsors that supports it every year, something that women leagues must work on to help improving the payment structure of their players.

Not just in football, but the huge payment difference can also be seen in basketball as reports stating that the average male players are paid 40 times more per minute compared to their female counterparts.

Surprisingly, there’s actually a sport in which the female players can earn more than male, and it’s Tennis as the top five earners are dominated by women.