The World Cup 2018 will be reaching its semifinals round on Tuesday and Wednesday, but before reaching that stage, it’s best to reminiscent the top goals from quarter finals round, which saw eight teams battling it out for four tickets.

There were several goals scored during that last eight stage, but there were couple of goals which stood out the most, they are: Kevin De Bruyne’s rocket shot for Belgium along with Denis Cheryshev’s goal for Russia.

De Bruyne scored his wonderful strike in a thrilling tie against Brazil, which also turned out the be Red Devils’ winning goal that brought them into the last four stage.

Not only that it showed the Manchester City’s star excellent shooting skills and vision, but that goal also provide an example how fast and deadly Belgium’s counter attacking play can really be.

The quick and direct movement made by them, notably from Romelu Lukaku and De Bruyne were simply deadly, pretty much confirming that if they make the right decision in the final third, Red Devils’ offense is borderline unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Cheryshev’s strike was just a sublime long range effort that will be considered as one of the player’s best goal, as he simply unleashed a breathtaking left footed effort which is simply difficult to save for any goal keepers.