Atletico Madrid Reported Barca Over Approach on Griezmann

Competition between top clubs in Europe doesn’t only happen on the pitch, but also outside of it, notably in terms of buying or purchasing players and this situation seemingly occurred between Atletico Madrid with Barcelona.

Atletico apparently have filed a report on Barca following recent approach that the Catalan outfit made on Diego Simeone’s site star striker, Antoine Griezmann.

El Barca recently admitted that they are very keen on purchasing Griezmann and basically stating that possible talks were made towards the French international family.

That indication is what triggered Atleti’s rage and disappointment as the club’s spoke person explained that everyone who are interested in their players must shared their interest with Los Rojiblancos before making any personal talks.

Moreover, the representative also claimed that they are aware of Barca’s illegal approach, that’s why Simeone’s team are determined to report that situation to FIFA.

Already received transfer ban not long ago, EL Barca might find themselves getting another one should they are found guilty by FIFA with that alleged illegal approach towards the French international.

Despite previously indicating that the club are ready to lose Griezmann sometime in the future, Atleti certainly hoping that they will be getting a big offer which might not always happen if there’s already behind the back agreement with other teams.