Ancelotti Defends His Lenient Managing Style at Madrid

Real Madrid are set to face a tricky test against Athletic Bilbao this weekend and ahead of that tie, Los Blancos’ head coach, Carlo Ancelotti received a bit criticism regarding his management style.

Ancelotti has been considered too lenient towards his players, even when they’re not playing at their best at the moment, causing a slight dip on their current form.

However, the Italian tactician hit back at those critics, stating that’s been the way he managed every teams even before Madrid adding how his method earned him three Champions League titles up til now.

Madrid’s form in 2015 have not been as strong as when they were ending the 2014 as there’s been few up and downs, including last weekend’s draw against Villareal at Santiago Bernebau.

Only leading two points ahead of their arch rival, Barcelona, Madrid need to win their upcoming tie against Bilbao if they don’t want their current top seat being overthrown by Luis Enrique’s men.