3 Important Things to Know About the 2021/22 Premier League

Although it feels as though the Euros have barely wrapped up, the 2021/22 season of the English Premier League is almost upon us, and with it, one of the most exciting and unpredictable competitions we have seen in years.

There has already been no shortage of speculation, rumours, and gossip about the upcoming season. While we don’t have a crystal ball handy, we do have the know-how you need to make sense of the coming season. With that in mind, here are some crucial facts to keep in mind during the Premier League this year. 

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1. Key Dates

First off, it’s worth nailing down the key dates. The most important thing to note right now is that the 2021/22 Premier League will be starting almost a month earlier than usual this season. The EPL kicks off on Saturday 14th August, a mere 34 days after the final of the 2020 Euros.

The first match will be the highly anticipated Man City vs Tottenham bout, while Brentford vs Arsenal, Burnley vs Brighton, Chelsea vs Crystal Palace, Everton vs Southampton, Leicester City vs Wolverhampton, and Manchester United vs Leeds United will all kick off on the opening weekend, making it one of the busiest openers we’ve seen in recent memory.

The action will continue until the final day games on May 22nd, 2022, meaning that the EPL will also be ending earlier than it has done in past seasons. 

2. New Teams

Another key thing to keep in mind with 2021/22 is that there will be new blood in the ranks. So far there are three newly promoted teams who will be joining the Premier League this season: Norwich City, Brentford, and Watford. These three teams have been promoted from the Championship, with Norwich City and Watford both having been absent from the top flight for a whole year. Meanwhile, Brentford will definitely be one to watch, since this is their first-ever season in the Premier League.

You can be sure that punters and fans alike will be closely watching Brentford’s performances as the competition progresses. As it stands, Brentford are 11/10 for relegation in Premier League betting odds, but only time will tell if they stand a chance of proving themselves as worthy contenders and long-term occupants in this league.

The three incoming teams will be replacing Fulham, Sheffield United, and West Bromwich Albion, all of whom have been relegated after only one year spent in the top flight. 

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3. An Uncertain Form for Some

All eyes will be on some of the top players who etched their names in the history books at Wembley this summer. Chief among these will be Harry Kane, who many are predicting will be in for a shot at the coveted Golden Boot award for a record fourth time. Of course, this will only be likely if he’s able to put in enough minutes during the season, something that is far from guaranteed. In addition, we’ve yet to see the impact of a very minimal recuperation period, following the Euros, on players. All we can do is wait and see how the likes of Kane cope with the upcoming EPL season.

These are some of the key things to keep in mind as we head into the 2021/22 Premier League. Stay tuned for more.