Mesut Ozil has dismissed England’s half-hearted excuses for a disappointing World Cup.
The German midfielder, and scourge of the English defence during their second round encounter, shot down remarks from key England players blaming boredom for their woeful displays.
Former England captain John Terry admitted that “there is a little bit of boredom kicking in” at their base in Rustenburg, while Wayne Rooney stated that “darts and snooker” were starting to wear a little thin.
“Beating England 4-1 has to be my highlight because it showed that, despite what people may say or write, Germany is still one of the best footballing nations in the world,” said Ozil. “But if you find the greatest tournament on earth boring, then you probably shouldn’t be there.”
The game will live long in infamy for English supporters, not least for Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal, which many still claim may have changed the outcome of the match.
“If the ref doesn’t see it, he can’t give it – but clearly it was a goal,” Ozil added. “It was disappointing for England, but I don’t think it would have changed the outcome of the match. We were the better team.”

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