You must have already been fed up with all the transfer fuss these past weeks, but we have something else, something very interesting to share.

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish claimed, just as the transfer deadline finished that they were only a couple of minutes away from £6.5 mil. deal for Blackpool rebel Charlie Adam. But due to the lack of time they failed, but the option of signing him in the summer is still very much open.

However, Blackpool boss Ian Holloway tends to think otherwise. Apparently, he reckons the real reason why Adam is still at Blackpool is that he didn’t play well enough to earn such a move.

He said: “If he does want to move, then he had better play to get one. He ain’t got one this window, so he hasn’t played well enough to get one, has he?

“Liverpool certainly had the money, so why didn’t they spend it on Charlie?”

The thing that could further trigger Adam’s fury and further deepen the rifle is the information that Adam might be left out from tonight’s home clash with West Ham.

No matter what Adam will stay faithful, both to the fans and the club, at least until his current contract deal expires (due in 12 months).

“I am still a Blackpool player and I want the fans to know I’m totally committed to playing the best I can for the club and I will do my best to help us achieve the highest possible league finish,” he said.

Written by Kovacevic Amela, freelance writer

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