Zenit vs Liverpool highlights (2-0)

Zenit 2 vs 0 Liverpool highlights 14.2

Zenit Vs Liverpool Highlights: A final 2-0 result leaves Liverpool in danger of being eliminated from the Europa League as they went head to head against Zenit and failed on making their mark on the score-board although the Russian side managed to get 2 goals past Pepe Reina.

Zenit enjoyed some early dominating couple of minutes with plenty of time for them to play in the midfield but it was the visitors who picked up on a mistake from Lombaerts when Suarez snatched the ball and ran upfront until getting past the goalkeeper Viacheslav Malafeev and the Uruguayan failed on actually scoring with a disastrous miss.

Suarez had more chances upon the remaining minutes of the 1rst half but he just missed all of those opportunities that were created.

Up until the last 20 minutes of the match the Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina was doing a superb job in keeping his team in the game and denying the opposition from scoring but he couldn’t do anything when Hulk blasted the ball into the top corner of his net as he opened up the scoreboard at the 69th minute.

Some few minutes later and Sergey Semak extended his team’s lead to 2 goals as he scored the last of the evening and a huge advantage when they have to play the 2nd leg in a few week's time.

Zenit vs Liverpool . Score: 2-0.

Zenit v Liverpool goals:

  • Zenit 1-0: Hulk goal (69').

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