Yeovil Town vs Sheffield United highlights (2-0)

Yeovil Town 2 vs 0 Sheffield United highlights 7.5

Yeovil Town 2-0 Sheffield United highlights: Yeovil Town open their chance in getting a promotion into the Championship Division after they got themselves advanced into the final of League One play off stage by eliminating Sheffield United.

Losing 1-0 in the first meeting, Yeovil were looking really eager to get their aggregate back on level terms straight from kick off. Playing in an aggressive manner, the home side got their goal after just five minutes of play through Kevin Dawson's neat finish inside the area.

However, that early goal didn't make things much easier for the home side as they were forced to battle hard up until the final six minutes when Ed Upson scored that winning goal with a free header from inside the box.

Yeovil Town vs Sheffield United . Score: 2-0.

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