Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City highlights (3-0)

Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 vs 0 Norwich City highlights 23.2

Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo on Jota: "He is always confident.

"We know a player's performance can go up and down. It's the right decisions, the right solutions we try to find to keep sustaining his performance - not only him, but all the team.

"Of course, I'm delighted with his goals. It's nothing specific. These things happen. His last touch has been clinical, Thursday and today. Hopefully it continues."

Norwich manager Daniel Farke on needing more from his players: "You have to give your life with each and every duel and I got the feeling that sometimes we were a bit soft and scared.

"We need to be greedy to win the duel, and unbelievably sharp. You need to be convinced and not scared. I think we lacked that and I'm disappointed with that fact."

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City . Score: 3-0.

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