Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Crystal Palace highlights (2-0)

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 vs 0 Crystal Palace highlights 20.7

Hodgson said: "An awful lot of things have not gone our way during this period of bad results but we have to face up to it and then in the summer find the players to reinforce us.

"The lack of strikers we have and lack of goalscorers - that has been a constant theme for the whole of the three seasons I've been at the club, so nothing changes.

"You mustn't forget in these recent matches we have played some of the top teams in the country and we are doing it with a weakened team.

"I don't know what more we can do. I can't magic players out of thin air. We have the squad we have.

"We are not going to recover any of the injured players, it will be putting out the same players today on Sunday who are really tired and giving their all for the club."

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Crystal Palace . Score: 2-0.

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