Wigan vs Queens Park Rangers highlights (0-0)

Wigan 0 vs 0 Queens Park Rangers highlights 12.5

There's still plenty left to play for in the England Championship semifinal playoffs between Wigan Athletic against Queens Park Rangers as both sides drew 0-0 in their first leg battle.

Acting as host in the first meeting, Wigan were keen on taking full advantage by defeating their opponent.

However, it was far from an easy task for the host as their opponent were putting a solid display since kick off.

Despite both teams relentless efforts, none of them were able to get that breakthrough as until the final whistle was blown no goals were scored by either sides.

This result means that both teams have pretty equal shot in going through, even though the second leg will be played at QPR stadium.

Wigan vs Queens Park Rangers . Score: 0-0.

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