West Ham United vs Manchester United highlights (1-2)

West Ham United 1 vs 2 Manchester United highlights 19.9

West Ham boss David Moyes to BBC Sport: "We got a penalty kick and I have one of the best penalty takers in the Premier League and Europe. I think if I hadn't made the decision I'd have been more annoyed with myself.

"I asked him and he said I'm ready, he has a great record, why would we not? We've missed a few recently so I thought I'd take the opportunity to bring Mark on.

"I think are all enjoying the game more because of how the referees are going about their jobs, I thought the referee did a great job today."

On new signings Kurt Zouma and Nikola Vlasic: "Kurt Zouma played very well. Considering we're bringing them in very quickly... Kurt has more Premier League experience. Vlasic, we've had to put in a little bit quicker than we would have done so.

"We didn't deserve defeat. You'd say it was a proper game."

On Jesse Lingard goal: "Football has strange way of bouncing back and today he scored the goal. I hope we do the same next week."

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to BBC Sport: "That's football for you - it's ups and downs. You get used to working in this environment. It's not great for your heart but this is why we play football. We looked down and out and David de Gea pulled off the save.

"The handball is probably right, he was making himself bigger. If you clip the ball into someone's hands and they're right there it's difficult. David de Gea made the right call. If he scores it genius and when David saves it's the wrong call.

"We had two stonewall penalties. Clear as day. I'm just hoping it's one of them where Cristiano Ronaldo never wins a penalty."

On Jesse Lingard: "Football, highs, lows that's how it is. You have to learn to live with the highs and the lows. He said sorry after Tuesday and everyone said that's not necessary, he came on and was briliant."

"A great response to their goal. I thought we played some very good football first half but then we need to defend better."

West Ham United vs Manchester United . Score: 1-2.

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