West Ham United vs Manchester City highlights (0-2)

“I was fortunate as a manager to be with Messi and if he scored two, he wanted three, if he scored three he wanted four, and if he got four he wanted five,” Guardiola said. “The top goalscorers, the strikers, they are never satisfied. They are always hungry, starving, they always want more and more.”

Having seen Haaland face some scrutiny over failing to score in the Community Shield against Liverpool the previous week, the City manager added: “One week ago, he would not adapt to the Premier League and now he’s the best – alongside Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I’ve known him for a month. I know how he handled criticism this week and he was calm, he trained really well. We will see when he is complimented how he reacts.”

West Ham United vs Manchester City . Score: 0-2.

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