West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City highlights

West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City highlights 26.1

West Brom's Robert Snodgrass: "I don't think anyone is happy. No excuses

"If you're going to get out of the relegation zone, we can't have errors, as they are clinical in the final third. We need to dust ourselves down and get ready for another game on Saturday.

"We're not blaming any decision. It's a difficult one to take. Once you look back at it, it was the delay in the flag going up - that was a hard decision. That's just one of the things that went wrong.

"Whatever happens we are sticking together but we need to put in a far better performance come Saturday.

"I'm here for the fight. We did everything we possibly could and I think if you look back at this, as a team, will realise that isn't good enough. Tonight we're not going to try and blame everyone else. We're going to take it on the chin and dust ourselves down.

"No hiding place in the Premier League, these top boys punish you."

West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City .

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