West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea highlights (1-1)

West Bromwich Albion 1 vs 1 Chelsea highlights 11.2

Successfully taking the top seat of English Premier League table this past weekend, Chelsea are looking to maintain that position this midweek when they got involved in another league fixtures. Jose Mourinho's men will be traveling to face struggling, West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday, February 11, and they won't be keen on picking up any other results aside from three points, considering anything aside from that outcome could force them to drop from that table topping position.

West Bromwich themselves won't be giving away points easily as they're currently craving for points considering their current position at English Premier League standings. The home side are sitting in that bottom three position, so picking up a negative result this midweek could very well put them in a much difficult situation, considering there's such tight battle for points in that relegation zone.

The Blues eventually failed to continue their winning run after only picking up a point from that midweek battle, despite taking charge first in that encounter trough Branislav Ivanovic's close range effort just before half time break. Unfortunately, Chelsea failed to hold that lead or even extending it as West Brom managed to get back into that tie with a late strike from Victor Anichebe who scored on 87 minutes.

West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea . Score: 1-1.

West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea goals:

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