West Bromwich Albion vs Sunderland highlights (2-1)

West Bromwich Albion 2 vs 1 Sunderland highlights 23.2

West Bromwich Albion Vs Sunderland Highlights:A 1rst half penalty strike from Romelu Lukaku saw West Bromwich entering the dressing room with a goal advantage and the player on loan from Chelsea added a 2nd goal at the 75th goal which was more than enough for the hosts to collect all 3 points and defeat Sunderland.

The final scoreboard of the match was 2-1 with Lukaku scoring twice and even despite the late goal of Sessegnon, Sunderland couldn’t salvage any points from this encounter.

At the 35th minute a penalty set-piece was granted for West Bromwich and Lukaku was the man in charge to blast it home.

It was the only goal of the 1rst half as Sunderland came back into the pitch to play the remaining 45 minutes with full force. Sessegnon was their most dangerous player just not being able to put the ball past the goal-line.

Even with the goal lead, Lukaku was a constant threat against the defence of Sunderland and he added a 2nd goal at the 75th minute which turned the score 2-0.

Sessegnon scored a consolation goal some minutes later but ultimately West Bromwich was the side that came out triumphant.

West Bromwich Albion vs Sunderland . Score: 2-1.

West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland goals:

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