Valencia vs Getafe highlights (4-2)

Valencia 4 vs 2 Getafe highlights 21.12

Valencia Vs Getafe Highlights: Valencia’s 4-2 victory over Getafe gives them a total of 24 points as they share the same amount as Getafe in the Spanish League standings. They got a perfect start of a game when Soldado scored within the 1rst minute of the game and Jonas scoring 6 minutes later. Getafe tried to get back in the game with Vasquez and Alexis but it just wasn’t enough.

Roberto Soldado netted his 13th goal of this season when Feghouli was released at the right wing until sending a cross over to the 27 years old forward as he headed it past the reach of Miguel Moya.

Jonas made his mark on the score-sheet only 6 minutes later when he played a nice one-two with Torres and after receiving the ball back under his control he lifted it into the roof of the net.

Alvaro Vasquez ‘s 13th minute goal made his side stay close to Valencia as he changed the score into 2-1. The home side later extended their lead back to 2 goals when Ricardo Costa headed the ball past Getafe’s goalkeeper when he connected with a corner that was launched at the 30th minute.

2nd half goals from Alexis and Nelson Valdez changed the final result into 4-2 as Valencia came out on top as the triumphant side.

Valencia vs Getafe . Score: 4-2.

Valencia v Getafe goals:

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