Udinese vs Delfino Pescara highlights (1-0)

Udinese 1 vs 0 Delfino Pescara highlights 21.10

Highlights:Udinese was forced to play with 10 men on the pitch following the sending off of Danilo as he received a red card playing against Pescara. Even playing with fewer men on the playing ground they were still the fairly better side as they dominated the majority of the game.

From the start of the game till the very end, it was a match with few chances on scoring and most of the match was being battled it out in midfield just trying to get hold of the ball.

Maicosuel had one of the better chances on actually scoring as it arrived when he collected the ball inside the box of Pescara and created some space between him and a defender before tucking it home.

Gianluca Caprari of Pescara tried to level the game before it came to a conclusion as he attempted to score from outside of the penalty box but it was denied by the goalkeeper and the only goal of the entire game was Maicosuel’s.

Udinese vs Delfino Pescara . Score: 1-0.

Udinese v Delfino Pescara goals:

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