Udinese vs Liverpool highlights (0-1)

Udinese 0 vs 1 Liverpool highlights 6.12

Udinese Vs Liverpool Highlights: Liverpool got themselves a much needed victory against Udinese in the Europa League which a tight scoreboard of 1-0 that edges the Premier League team into the knockout stages of this tournament meanwhile Udinese finish at the last spot of Group A.

Udinese came into this match already knowing that even a victory would still leave them out of the Europa League and Liverpool on the other hand had to collect 3 points which they did through the likes of Henderson in the 1rst half.

The visitors had the first opportunities in the game on scoring with Jonjo Shelvey saw his shot going wide away from the target. Mathias Ranegie created the opening chance for Udinese with a header that missed the crossbar.

Henderson netted the lonely goal of the match at the 23rd minute following a corner that connected with the head of Suarez as he passed it to Suso and the Spanish midfielder slipped it back to Henderson who drived it home.

With the minutes ticking down Udinese was dealt with a huge blow as they were left with 10 players on the pitch as Pasquale received a 2nd yellow card and even with the inclusion of Antonio Di Natale into the game Liverpool picked up all 3 points and a deserved victory.

Udinese vs Liverpool . Score: 0-1.

Udinese v Liverpool goals:

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