Udinese vs Genoa highlights (0-0)

Udinese 0 vs 0 Genoa highlights 30.9

It was the 6th Serie A fixture for both Udinese and Genoa with both sides trying to add more points and climb the standings of the Italian League but it they could only settle for a goalless draw.

Udinese was the more dominating side with numerous attacks going upfront upon the own half of Genoa. Lazzari had an effort wasted early into the game while his teammate Marco Faraoni being denied by Sebastian Frey who kept his team on the game not conceding any goals.

The former Ac.Milan and As.Roma player Marco Borriello tried his luck with a long range but it was tipped away just barely by the fingertips of the goalkeeper Zelijko Brkic as the game came to an end with neither sides managing to score a goal.

Udinese vs Genoa . Score: 0-0.

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