Tottenham Hotspur vs Nottingham Forest highlights (3-1)

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper, speaking to Sky Sports: "The first half was a poor performance and, in the end, was the part that cost us the game.
"OK, Spurs have loads of quality and play in a good way with good players but I don't think we fought hard enough in the first half with the duels and generally competing. You will see that around the goals.
"Second half we did do much better. We were a lot more aggressive in the duels but we were always going to risk conceding a third through a counter-attack, which is exactly what happened. But we kept going, got one back and pushed for a second.
"We missed the penalty and if we'd scored that, you never know. Stranger things have happened.
"The feeling around the performance first half is the frustrating one, really."

Tottenham Hotspur vs Nottingham Forest . Score: 3-1.

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