Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City highlights (3-0)

Tottenham Hotspur 3 vs 0 Leicester City highlights 19.7

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers tells BBC Sport: "They are a brilliant bunch of guys and honest. We played the shape well and were causing them problems. The first goal was a huge disappointment and that gave them energy.

"When they get to 3-0 at half-time they can then stay in and close it out. We are really distraught at the first half.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho speaking to Sky Sports: "I think we were strategically good. We knew what worked for us. Brendan Rodgers did an amazing job since he arrived but in this moment he is in a little bit of trouble with injuries. I know what it is because I had similar problems at the other end.

"Clearly we are one of the teams with more points during this period than after the break. Now we have to fight to finish sixth. We have to win and that is difficult and wait for something in our other opponents.

"Seventh is what we can achieve without dependence on the others. What we are doing and what we are improving is very important for next season."

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City . Score: 3-0.

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