Tottenham Hotspur vs Leeds United highlights (3-0)

Tottenham Hotspur 3 vs 0 Leeds United highlights 2.1

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho, speaking to BBC Sport: "Very important [to win]. The run of results lately was not good. We didn't play against Fulham, of course.

"Look at the table and you have one match less and [you are] not happy with what you see. [With] this three points, you are now happier to look at the screen.

"Leeds are a team with very specific qualities. Easy to understand but difficult to play against. We tried not to give them what they want. Close the door where they have situations where they can hurt people."
Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa, speaking to BBC Sport: "According to the display of both teams the result could have been a closer one. We had nine chances to score.

"And the chances they had and scored from, they came from errors. We already made these types of errors. We played the game on an even keel. Our forwards had the capacity to unbalance them and defenders had the capacity to neutralise.

"We were losing the ball when building up from the back and [there was] a goal from a set-piece.

"We need to demand more from ourselves. The start of the second half was a very important part of the game - we didn't go at it in a favourable manner."

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leeds United . Score: 3-0.

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