Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton highlights (0-1)

Tottenham Hotspur 0 vs 1 Everton highlights 13.9

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho on Sky Sports: "I'm disappointed with the performance, yes. After the goal Everton dominate the game and were dangerous in counters too

"Taking Dele Alli off was tactical. Allan was in that position and Gomes and Docoure were pressing high with lots of space in those areas. I needed more there.

"The struggle starts in the way we didn't press. Our pressure up was very poor - I'd say it was lazy pressure. When you have lazy pressure they build from the back.

"When you let them play from the back they are comfortable to have the ball. I repeat in the first half we had some good chances.

"The goal was a bit strange. It is not an excuse for the result or defeat or performance - with so many referees on the pitch and on the line, to take a kick a minimum of five metres distance (away from where the foul was) is incredible. Before the goal I was saying to the referees - five metres makes a huge difference to the position of our back line and the angle of the cross."

Should your players have spoken to the referee before the free-kick was taken? "We have meetings even now on Zoom asking the players not to complain to officials. The referee is there, the guys in VAR are in contact with him, Graham Scott the fourth official is there.

"I will be honest with the players, saying things I cannot say to you. But I can say to them keep working and not much time to think because on Thursday we have a knockout game (in the Europa League) so there is not much time to cry or complain.''

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti: "We are satisfied, I am satisfied, the performance of the team was brilliant.

"I am pleased we started the season well and we showed we can compete which is the most important message to take. We can compete with everyone if the spirit is good, if the attitude is good and the players showed this."

Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton . Score: 0-1.

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