Tottenham vs Liverpool highlights (2-1)

Tottenham 2 vs 1 Liverpool highlights 29.11

Tottenham Vs Liverpool Highlights: Tottenham ran past a Liverpool side that continues struggling in this season. Gareth Bale was the star of the game as he provided the assist for his teammate Aaron Lennon and later scoring his own goal that ended the game 2-1.

7 minutes into the game and Bale was rushing upfront until the slipped a deep and quick pass over to Lennon who made it just in time to tap the ball home into the net. It was a simple but fast paced goal that pretty much determined the tempo of the game from there on out.

Liverpool tried to score with some counter-attacks that ultimately failed on entering the net of Tottenham as all of their attempts were somehow blocked or just denied by defenders of the goalkeeper of the opposing side.
At the 16th minute Gareth Bale scored his 1rst of the evening with a free kick that went over the wall and into the net of Pepe Reina.

The visitors received some hope of getting back in the game when Gareth Bale scored an own goal later in the game but it did not matter as Tottenham still came out on top and won the game.

Tottenham vs Liverpool . Score: 2-1.

Tottenham v Liverpool goals:

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