Swansea City vs Norwich City highlights (3-4)

Swansea City  3 vs 4 Norwich City highlights 8.12

Swansea Vs Norwich Highlights: Norwich bamboozled 3 goals in the 1rst period against Swansea only later to see their lead being cut by 2 goals but they still managed to claim the victory at the end of it all.

Everything was going in favor of the visitors and they took their deserved lead at the 16th minute with Whittaker firing a low driven shot that went past Tremmel and into his net. While Swansea was getting frustrated as they had few chances on actually scoring Norwich got further in the lead.

With 10 minutes remaining in the 1rst period of the match Bassong reached and connected with a cross of Grant Holt that doubled the lead for Norwich.

Next in line was Grant Holt as this time he made the last touch on the ball scoring the 3rd and last goal of Norwich in this 1rst half of the game.

Michu gave Swansea hopes on getting back into the match as he slotted the ball into the net of Mark Bunn in the first few minutes of the 2nd half. Tension increased in the pitch after Jonathan De Guzman made contact with the cross of Nathan Dyer and he volleyed it home.

Snodgrass turned the game 4-2 and despite the effort of Michu who made a late goal at the 93rd minute Norwich ended up winning this thriller of a match.

Swansea City vs Norwich City . Score: 3-4.

Swansea City v Norwich City goals:

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