Sunderland vs Stoke City highlights (1-1)

Sunderland 1 vs 1 Stoke City highlights 6.5

Sunderland Vs Stoke City Highlights:A 2nd half goal from John O’Shea helped his team on grabbing 1 point when they faced off against Stoke City at the Stadium of Light. Jonathan Walters scored an early goal following a corner kick but it was cancelled out by the Irish defender.

The game kicked off with each team pushing upfront and trying to not allow much space to their opponents. Cut clear chances were slim throughout the entire game, only some few opportunities to score arrived as some players attempted to scrape it off.

In the 1rst corner of the game however Stoke City broke the deadlock and took the lead with Walters when he reacted just quick enough to drive the ball into the net of Sunderland.

From there on out Sunderland began a journey trying to find an equalizer. Adam Johnson fired a free-kick that came close on finding its intended target but other than that, not many things could stand out for the hosts.

Sunderland managed to score the equalizer at the 63rd minute when Sebastian Larsson delivered a cross which fell into the path of the completely unmarked O’Shea who drilled it into the net of Asmir Begovic as he tied the game up 1-1 and no further goals were scored.

Sunderland vs Stoke City . Score: 1-1.

Sunderland v Stoke City goals:

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