Sunderland vs Manchester City highlights (1-0)

Sunderland 1 vs 0 Manchester City highlights 26.12

Sunderland Vs Manchester City Highlights: Manchester City fall 7 points behind their rivals Manchester United after losing 1-0 against Sunderland. When the game concluded Roberto Mancini’s side had created and enjoyed much more chances than their opponents but Simon Mignolet denied everything they shot at him.

The creative minds of City Silva, Aguero and Tevez outplayed everyone else in the midfield with a number of combinations that created constant dangerous moves upon the opposition.

Most of the 1rst half was controlled by the visitors meanwhile Sunderland had to settle and be content with this period coming to an end and keeping a clean sheet.

With both sides coming out of the dressing rooms the hosts slowly began threatening City and despite not deserving the goal, they managed to make the breakthrough.

Adam Johnson collected the ball at the edge of the box and fired a long range effort that slipped right past Joe Hart until entering his net.

The remaining minutes of the match and City went all out trying to at least squeeze 1 point and even though they did deserve it, it just never happened as Sunderland did not concede a single goal throughout the entire game.

Sunderland vs Manchester City . Score: 1-0.

Sunderland v Manchester City goals:

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