Sunderland vs Aston Villa highlights (0-1)

Sunderland 0 vs 1 Aston Villa highlights 3.11

Sunderland Vs Aston Villa Highlights:Relegation zone clubs Sunderland and Aston Villa met at the Stadium of Light in order to play their next Premier League fixture and it was the visitors who came out on top thanks to Gabriel Agbonlahor who scored his 1rst goal of this season.

12 minutes into the start of the 2nd half and Gabriel was the lone scorer of this match. When a cross was sent into the box of the home side and he kicked it into the net, he scored the goal that Aston Villa was in desperate need.

Although being the only goal, it was enough for Villa to clinch the victory and take an injection of points to just barely put their heads above water.

Sunderland vs Aston Villa . Score: 0-1.

Sunderland v Aston Villa goals:

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