Stoke City vs Liverpool highlights (3-1)

Stoke City 3 vs 1 Liverpool highlights 26.12

Stoke City Vs Liverpool Highlights:Liverpool failed on retaining their early lead that was slammed in by their captain Gerrard and just 10 minutes later Stoke City got ahead of them. It ended off 3-1 with the hosts just overwhelming a disappointing Liverpool side which wasted just too much chances.

The game picked off fast paced with Suarez rushing to the penalty box of Stoke and being brought down by Shawcross with the referee making no hesitation in giving away the penalty set-piece which was taken by Steven Gerrard and scored at the 2nd minute of the match.

Unfortunately for Liverpool, the hosts were going all out and in just 10 minutes they not only managed to equalize the game but they got ahead.

Walters was the 1rst to open things up for Stoke City with a low driven shot that went right past Pepe Reina. 5 minutes later and a powerful header from Jones turned the game 2-1.

Jonathan Walters finished things off in the 2nd half with an impressive volley shot that found the top corner of Pepe Reina’s net. Liverpool tried to get back in the game with their main goal-scorer Suarez having a number of efforts that just missed the target.

Stoke City vs Liverpool . Score: 3-1.

Stoke City v Liverpool goals:

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