Stoke City vs West Ham highlights (0-1)

Stoke City 0 vs 1 West Ham highlights 2.3

Stoke City Vs West Ham United Highlights:Jack Collison’s 1rst half goal was everything West Ham needed to overcome Stoke City in their home turf Britannia Stadium.

Carroll and Crouch fired some early shots at goal but that ultimately never found its initial target but it wasn’t until the 25th minute for a real goal-scoring chance to arrive when Collins came close on scoring but just barely saw his header going above the crossbar.

West Ham was looking like the side that was going to find the opening goal and following a combination of moves involving the substitutes Ricardo Vaz and Jack Collison.

Ricardo Vaz arrived to clean up from a collision after Ryan Shawcross had tackled Carroll and the substitute rushed in to pick up the ball and slip it over to Collison who drilled it past the likes of Begovic.

A number of penalty claims were denied throughout the remainder of the match and a last minute shot from Adam almost equalized the game but at the end of it all West Ham concluded the face-off as the winning side.

Stoke City vs West Ham . Score: 0-1.

Stoke City v West Ham goals:

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