Southampton vs Chelsea highlights (1-4)

Southampton 1 vs 4 Chelsea highlights 6.10

"We started well but to be honest we are far away from our best, and against the best opponents you only have the chance to take something if you play your best.

"We were too slow in our minds, too slow on the ball. They showed us every weakness we had and we have a lot of them at the moment.

"When they build up from behind and score we must say 'OK', but to give the chances we did against such an opponent, you cannot handle it. That was the reason we were 3-1 down in the first half. Second half was a little better but not really, we never had the chance to come back.

"We know it is a tough situation, but we must work really hard and that's what we will do."
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, speaking to Match of the Day: "Tammy's performance was great, his all-round performance and his work off the ball. But I must say, I thought Willian was immense - he was an example in what he was doing on and off the ball. He's a leader - not one that shouts - but in how he performs."

On Callum Hudson-Odoi: "I liked a lot of the stuff he did, there's competition in those wide areas now. I thought it was a really good performance, really bright stuff. I'm disappointed he didn't get his goal."

Southampton vs Chelsea . Score: 1-4.

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