Southampton vs West Ham highlights (1-1)

Southampton 1 vs 1 West Ham highlights 13.4

Southampton Vs West Ham United Highlights: Fortunate deflections in the 2nd half helped each side on finding their way to a goal as Southampton hosted West Ham at the St.Mary Stadium and both squads had to settle with 1 point each.

Southampton attacked a bit more than their opponents in the 1rst half and even with the excellent combinations and link-ups involving Rickie Lamber, Adam Lallana and Gaston Ramirez they were unable to poke a goal against a well-structured defence of West Ham.

Lambert almost managed to score a goal of his own when he touched the ball following a free-kick from Ramirez but it was worthless as the 1rst half came to an end without any goals for neither side.

The breakthrough of the match happened at the 59th minute when Ramirez got his way past every other defender located around him allowing him more than enough space to push forward and slam the ball into West Ham’s net.

West Ham responded with a free-kick from Andy Carroll which took a deflection from a player inside the penalty box as the ball was redirected towards the net of Artur Boruc who could do nothing to deny the ball from entering his own net.

Each side ultimately had to leave St.Mary’s Stadium securing 1 point for themselves.

Southampton vs West Ham . Score: 1-1.

Southampton v West Ham goals:

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