Southampton vs Liverpool highlights (1-0)

Southampton 1 vs 0 Liverpool highlights 4.1

Southampton manager Hasenhuttl to BBC Sport: "There were tears in my eyes - because of the wind! When you see our guys fighting with everything they have it makes me really proud. You need to have the perfect game against Liverpool and I think we did have that.

"It felt like we were under massive pressure and the defending around the box was the key today - and then we still tried to play football. We did it in a good way.

"It was an intense game; my voice is nearly gone. The guys are tired, you have to be to win against such a team. The guys believed in what they were doing.

"It's a perfect evening."

Liverpool manager Klopp to BBC Sport: "What was disappointing? How long have we got? The start, obviously - not only the goal but the start in general. Congratulations to Southampton - they deserved it.

"You know exactly what you are going to get from them. You cannot be surprised but we looked surprised.

"It's not rocket science. We should have done much better. We played into their hands with the start.

"They put a lot of work in. Our decision making was just not good. That is how it is when you don't have momentum. We should have had much more chances.

"These are outstanding players but they were not ready from the start. Sadio Mane should have had a penalty tonight, and there was the handball - I've no idea.

"It's not an excuse for the performance, but you can get a point if they are given. Now we have to show a reaction."

Southampton vs Liverpool . Score: 1-0.

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