Siena vs AC Milan highlights (1-2)

Siena 1 vs 2 AC Milan highlights 20.5

Ac.Siena Vs Ac.Milan Highlights:Ac.Milan secured a dramatic victory that ensured their qualification into the Champions League. Mario Balotelli cancelled the 1rst half goal from Claudio Terzi by scoring yet another penalty kick and with just 3 minutes remaining on the match, the French defender Mexes scored a late goal that gave the visitors the triumph.

Coming as a shock to many, Siena grabbed the lead when Claudio Terzi was left unmarked as the defensive line of Milan allowed the player to sneak past them and receive a cross from Rosina and placed it into the net of Abbiati.

It was not looking as if Milan could control of the game or anything really going for them as Ambrosini picked up red card moments later. The visitors attempted to find the back of the net with one of their main attacking forces which included Balotelli, Robinho and Niang.

The young French player Niang could’ve tied the game some moments later but he failed on capitalizing from a cross from Robinho.

The introduction of El Shaarawy offered a new attacking dimension to Milan as they already seemed to be struggling on doing anything really promising in almost the entire match.

A doubtful decision from the referee allowed Balotelli to fire a penalty kick which he ultimately made no mistake in converting to goal.

Mexes finished it all off with close range effort that gave Milan the victory and more importantly the Champions League spot with 2 more point than their nearest rivals Fiorentina.

Siena vs AC Milan . Score: 1-2.

Siena v AC Milan goals:

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