Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur highlights (3-1)

Sheffield United 3 vs 1 Tottenham Hotspur highlights 2.7

José Mourinho's post-match press conference
We have to do better, we have to be mentally stronger to cope with what happened during the game. We cannot mentally die after Michael Oliver's decision.

I know that it's very difficult to take, the players around the situation know what happened and what didn't happen, you celebrate and you feel the goal. You are conscious that it's a moment.
I know that it's a kick in our teeth but with 50 minutes to go we have to be stronger. That's my criticism to my team in the second half, in spite of control, in spite of ball possession, in spite of trying.
We lost that, I don't want to say desire but when you are not convinced. We were not strong enough mentally to dominate so much in the second half, but not with that sharpness and intensity that makes you create chances. In the end in the second half we had the ball but we didn't have the chances to change it.

Jamie Redknapp described the VAR decision as one of the worst he's seen, what was your take on the decision?
I think that I cannot say what I feel because Jamie can do it. No problems for him. I cannot because I'd be in trouble with the institutions and I want to prevent myself and my club so I cannot be open like I'd like to be.

The only thing I can say, is now, you know that normally I'm an emotional guy on the bench, in these moments, I never complain at the man with the whistle because it's not the referee any more.

I used to disagree with the decision, I used to complain and go to the fourth official but the man on the pitch is the assistant referee.

Today the man and the lady with the flags they used to be the assistant referees, now they are the assistant of the assistant referee. The referee is in the office and I think this is the start of everything.

Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur . Score: 3-1.

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